MUZE Hotels , the contemporary collection of hotels in Germany and Budapest known for its artistic aesthetics and technology focus, has connected to the B2B Marketplace that is taking hotel distribution to the next level: Roibos

This established connection between both companies aligns with the innovative vision of both. While MUZE Hotels aims to introduce a new concept to the hotel industry, Roibos continues to innovate hotel distribution as we knew it. This new connection comprises a collection of 6 hotels with the spirit of MUZE epitomizing genuine hospitality, showcased not only in trendsetting cities like Budapest, Düsseldorf, and Stuttgart but also in regional hubs like Pforzheim, Wesel, or Schwäbisch-Gmünd.

It is a pleasure to share the excitement of this collaboration from both companies.

On one hand, Patricia Rosselló , CEO of Roibos , expresses enthusiasm in adding these unique hotels to the portfolio of over 20,000 hotels on the platform. “Including hotels that have their own essence is always an advantage. It is a pleasure to welcome MUZE Hotels and their groundbreaking perspective. Our offering for different Distribution Partners is becoming increasingly diverse, thanks to this type of collaboration.”

 On the other hand, Oded Zizovy , CEO of MUZE Hotels, shares his perspective: “We’re thrilled to see innovative technology solutions like Roibos entering the market, connecting hotels directly with travel agents of all sizes. This collaboration truly marks a milestone in our company’s development, providing us with the tools to optimize our distribution channels and have greater visibility over which agents are actively selling our hotels. I am enthusiastic about the opportunities that our partnership with Roibos presents and the positive impact it will have on advancing our business objectives.”

About Roibos

Roibos is a B2B marketplace platform connecting hotels and distribution partners worldwide. The platform simplifies daily operations, allowing clients to bypass intermediaries, reduce time to market, and increase sales and profitability. Roibos focuses on agility, transparency, and a technological platform to empower hoteliers’ distribution.

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About MUZE Hotels

MUZE, which stands for Muse, embodies a concept that transforms hotels into sources of inspiration and cultural ambassadors of their city. They are vibrant art galleries, offering a window into the world of curated art and serving as a stimulating platform for creative minds. Each hotel is a unique entity that embraces the rhythm of the city and its people. It is a place for art enthusiasts, connoisseurs, business travelers, weekend tourists, and the local community alike.

For more information, please visit the MUZE Hotels Website | LinkedIn