Direct contracting with a single connection

distribution partners

Reach unique Hotels and Chains

Instantly expand hotel portfolio, access competitive rates and skip intermediaries.

Direct Contracting

Book worldwide hotels directly and offer clients the best product.


No need to sign contracts with each hotel.

Gain Visibility and Brand Awareness

Be visible to hotels and negotiate exclusive rates and tailor-made offers directly. 

Smooth Onboarding

Say goodbye to Channel Manager struggles and simplify onboarding processes, accelerating time-to-market.

Boost Profit Margins

Eliminate intermediaries and get closer to the origin of sourcing, allowing for higher margins.

Just Technology

Get full control of sales through the intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard. 

Learn about...

distribution partners

Direct Hotel Rates

Immediately scale direct hotel supply through a unique connection and access thousands of hotels and chains globally.

distribution partners

Full Control

Access a personalized dashboard and gain total control of sales.

Onboarding Process


directly to Roibos API or through a Connector (Juniper, Infotera, TravelGateX, Cangooroo, Innstant Connect, and more).


the payment method: Virtual Credit Card (VCC), Roibos Wallet, or establish credit with Hotels.


the platform with Credentials provided by the Roibos Team, once the Registration is completed.

Go Live!

and gain Direct Contracting with Hotels and Chains.

Hotels & Chains connected

AMIGOS Program

Invite hotels to the Marketplace, aggregate contracting in a single connection and enjoy exclusive benefits.

Unlimited portfolio opportunities

Simplify access to your direct contracted hotels

Avoid loading, errors and channel manager's costs

Special benefits for the hotel partner

Integrated with Tech Partner

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