Take your hotel to the next level

Distribution Control

Distribute rates and inventory to Distribution Partners worldwide according to distribution strategy. 


No intermediaries, no mark-ups. Direct communication between the Hotel and the Distribution Partner.

Just Technology

Easy-to-use platform and leading technology, accelerating speed-to-market.

Increase Revenue

Boost RevPar by yielding your sales according to the correct Segmentation.

Guaranteed Payment

Secure all bookings with a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) or Roibos Hotel Wallet.

Global Reach

Constantly increase the scope of Distribution Partners worldwide.

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Full Distribution Control

Control Distribution Partners access to rates and inventory in real-time via the powerful Roibos Dashboard.

Start selling rooms in minutes

Content loading

Register your hotel and automatically import all content through a link in less than 3 minutes.

Automatic Translation 

With a single click, the content available in 9 languages

Upload rates and inventory

Load rates and inventory via the Roibos Hotel Extranet or Channel Manager.

Go Live

Access the Roibos Control Panel, and start selling to Distribution Partners.


Easy-to-use platform

A user-friendly platform, that allows to upload and edit all hotel content and rates in just a few clicks. 

Distribution Partners connected


Payment Guaranteed

All bookings are secured with a Virtual Credit Card, or through Roibos Hotel Wallet.

Virtual Credit Card

All bookings are secured with the VCC and are available on client's check-in

Roibos Hotel Wallet

Roibos assumes the VCC processing.

Hotel Credit

Roibos allows the functionality of direct credit between the Hotel and the Distribution Partner.

Integrated with Tech Partner

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