March 2024 – ODEON Tours, one of the subsidiary of Coral Travel Group and a globally respected #TourPlatform, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Roibos , an innovative platform that is revolutionizing #HotelDistribution. This partnership aims to give #TourOperators the opportunity to collaborate on exclusive offers through #OdeonTours and develop their direct contracts through the #Roibos platform. The integration of Odeon Tours into the Roibos ecosystem is set to be a fruitful alliance for the coming year.

Anna Igual Llobet, CDO (Chief Distribution Officer) at Roibos, shared, “We are thrilled to welcome Odeon Tours aboard and anticipate a successful partnership that will drive innovation in #hotel distribution. The integration of Odeon Tours will foster closer collaboration to enhance their direct contracts, ultimately boosting sales. This alliance represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of the #TourismIndustry, and we are committed to delivering an unparalleled experience.”

Odeon Tours, one of the subsidiary of Coral Travel Group, is one of the major players in the #tourism sector and is known for its first-class services in many countries. Offering inbound services and expanding its destinations, the company has a track record of achieving quality standards and certifications. Focusing on more than 15 countries, the latest partnership with Roibos is a significant move that underlines Odeon Tours‘ commitment to excellence and reshaping the tourism industry through strategic partnerships.

About Roibos

Roibos is the marketplace that is innovating hotel distribution. Roibos´ technology directly connects hotels and distribution partners from around the world, eliminating intermediaries. It streamlines the direct contracting process, boosts sales, and avoids the constraints and margin reductions imposed by intermediaries.

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About Odeon Tours

Odeon Tours is one of the pioneers of Turkish tourism. Founded in 1992, ODEON is the founding subsidiary of the Coral Travel Group. It has companies providing destination services in Türkiye, Egypt, Thailand, Tunisia, UAE, Spain, Greece, and Vietnam. Odeon Tours holds ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System, ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System certificates.

Centralised management of all processes ensures and maintains the highest quality standards in all destinations. ODEON Tours provides destination services to both Group and non-Group tour operators in Türkiye, Spain, Greece, Egypt, UAE, Tunisia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The company has room agreements with more than 7,000 hotels in 90 destinations and 40 countries, which are then offered for sale to these tour operators.

It carries out the necessary work, maintains centralised management and carries out the necessary audits to provide customers with the best products and services in destinations.