In the dynamic landscape of the hospitality industry, technological partnerships play a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency and boosting overall performance. United Hotels of Portugal through D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions proudly celebrate a successful one-year collaboration with Roibos , a testament to the power of innovation and seamless connectivity in the modern hospitality sector.

The journey began a year ago when United Hotels of Portugal, a key player in the hospitality sector, collaborated with Roibos, under the facilitation of D-EDGE’s cutting-edge technology solutions. The synergy between these two technological powerhouses has not only streamlined operations, but has also significantly boosted sales for the hotel chain.

João GomesFIT Manager of United Hotels of Portugal, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “We started our partnership with Roibos one year ago, thanks to our great collaboration with D-EDGE. These technology partners have allowed us to increase our sales, and with the rapid pace of developments, our hotels are well-equipped to handle direct connection requests from partners across the globe.

Patricia RosselloCEO of Roibos, also shared her perspective on the success, “At Roibos, we are proud to be part of this transformative journey with United Hotels of Portugal and D-EDGE. Our commitment to providing innovative solutions aligns seamlessly with the vision of our partners, and we look forward to continuing this successful collaboration.

D-EDGE, renowned for its forward-thinking technology solutions, played a pivotal role in laying the foundation for this successful collaboration. The success can be attributed to the continuous innovation introduced by both D-EDGE and Roibos.

Sarah TiercelinPartnership & Business Development Director of D-EDGE share, “We are glad to be integrated with Roibos and provide a seamless integration to our common clients. We are not only connecting systems, but building strong relationships to make sure our common clients reach their goals: maximise their hotel revenue ”.

The success story of United Hotels of Portugal, D-EDGE, and Roibos demonstrate that when technology and vision align, the possibilities for success in the dynamic world of hospitality are limitless.

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