Maxx Royal & Voyage Hotels, leaders in their respective categories of luxury and premium hospitality, are proud to announce a transformative partnership with Roibos , the pioneer in hotel distribution technology. Established in 2010, Maxx Royal Hotels have set a new standard in luxury travel, while Voyage Hotels have been delivering exceptional premium-level service since 1999. Together, they bring a combined offering of over 2,500 rooms, reinforcing their prestigious positions in the hospitality industry.

The primary aim of this partnership is to enable Maxx Royal & Voyage Hotels Group to enhance their connectivity with unique distribution partners worldwide, thereby extending their market reach and increasing visibility. This collaboration will empower them to showcase their standout products and secure bookings that would otherwise be unattainable.

For Roibos , this agreement enriches its portfolio with exclusive and highly sought-after properties, augmenting its suite of offerings and potentially boosting sales through enhanced visibility and appeal. “Incorporating Maxx Royal & Voyage Hotels into our portfolio represents a significant enhancement to our supply,” mentioned Patricia Rossello — CEO of Roibos. “This partnership not only expands our reach but also intensifies our commitment to offering the most elite and unique properties to our customers.”

Batuhan Sahin — Group Director of Revenue at Maxx Royal & Voyage Hotels, states: “This partnership allows us to integrate innovative solutions into traditional distribution channels, creating a more efficient process in global distribution. The solutions provided should become a part of the distribution ecosystem for all hotels.”

In conclusion, we are confident that this collaboration between Maxx Royal & Voyage Hotels and Roibos will be a resounding success. By bridging cutting-edge technology with distinguished hospitality, this partnership is poised to take hotel distribution to unprecedented heights.



About Roibos

Roibos is a B2B marketplace platform that connects hotels with distribution partners worldwide. The platform streamlines daily operations, enabling clients to bypass intermediaries, reduce time to market, and boost sales and profitability. Roibos is committed to agility, transparency, and technological innovation to empower hoteliers in their distribution efforts.

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About Maxx Royal & Voyage Hotels

Founded in 2010, Maxx Royal Hotels epitomize the pinnacle of luxury travel, deeply rooted in the tradition of ‘Misafirperverlik’—the essence of Turkish hospitality. Voyage Hotels, established in 1999, are celebrated for their premium services and warm hospitality, essential qualities that define every guest interaction. Both brands are distinguished members of associations such as Leading Hotels of the World, Forbes Travel, Virtuoso, Serandipians, and AMEX FHR, affirming their leadership in the luxury and premium hospitality sectors.

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