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We are thrilled to welcome the following esteemed properties onboard of Roibos marketplace.


Newest Distribution Partners

Welcoming our latest Distribution Partners to Roibos, strengthening our network and opening new opportunities for direct contracting.


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The Roibos marketplace is rapidly growing, now featuring over 21,000 hotels worldwide, more than 200 distribution partners, and over 50 channel managersready for seamless integration.

Roibos connects hotels and travel distributors directly, eliminating intermediaries and integration costs. Our intuitive, user-friendly platform provides key insights to track your bookings effectively. Join us today and start your direct contracting journey on a single, comprehensive platform. Register at


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Success Story: Gitav Hotels + Roibos

Today, we’re highlighting our two-year partnership with #GitavHotels, which has achieved remarkable milestones, including:

🤝 Connection with unique International Distribution Partners.

📊Complete data to make informed decisions over their distribution strategy.

🚀 Technology that is accessible to everyone.

Emanuele Mensati, Consorzio of Gitav, states that Roibos is the answer he has been looking for many years! Join us and find your answer too!


Success Story: Escalabeds + Roibos

Roibos’s marketplace has connected #Escalabeds, an American Bedbank with more than 40 years of experience in the market, with hotels that have become top partners; it has given Escalabedsvisibility among global chains that today grant them special rates.

We’re grateful for the heartfelt testimonial from Adriana Valentín, Head of Product at Escalabeds, for sharing their experience: “The platform is simple, with easy access to contacts, and with a project manager who follows up closely”.


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